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Strict control, not afraid of coal-fired power

date18/05/2022 view313

 Recently, many opinions are concerned about environmental pollution when developing coal-fired power plants in many localities. However, at the seminar "Need to have a right view of coal-fired power plants" held on December 13, a representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade affirmed that from now until 2030 and many years later, coal-fired power still accounts for the structure of coal-fired power plants. mainly in the electricity market. 

Mr. Le Van Luc - Deputy Director of the Department of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Ministry of Industry and Trade - said that currently, coal-fired power supplies 37%-38% of electricity for the country's needs. According to the approved plan by 2030, the whole country will have more than 70 coal-fired power plants, estimated to provide 53% of electricity for the whole country. 

Despite considering coal-fired power as the backbone, the power industry is also facing challenges in terms of coal supply for production. Besides, there are environmental concerns when deploying coal-fired power. 

The assessment of environmental concerns is reasonable, but according to Mr. Luc, this problem can be overcome by strictly controlling technology from project formulation, implementation and operation.

Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Nguyen Tan Binh, Head of Science, Technology - Environment Department of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), said that coal power is sometimes considered a "criminal" for the environment despite its contributions to the environment. general for socio-economic development is very large. Mr. Binh affirmed that EVN's coal-fired power plants are using modern technology that is not inferior to plants in the region and the world, meeting environmental requirements well and being approved by the Japan Coal Energy Center. The (JCOAL) assessment is environmentally friendly. 

"According to the assessment, the ash and slag from coal power plants are all common industrial solid waste, not hazardous waste and are allowed to be reused for construction purposes. Many partners have contacted with the company. coal-fired power plants to consume ash and slag," said EVN representative.

Assoc. live near the factory. Mr. Nghia assessed that this information is not accurate, many inferences, no scientific basis, and confirmed that coal-fired power plants emit heavy metals but the content is very small, thousands of times lower. than the allowable limit.

By: The Labor Newspaper


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